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Search engine marketing is one of the fastest growing industries in the marketing world today, but where to go for an education can be confusing for individuals used to traditional forms of learning. There are (as of yet) no degrees in search marketing from major universities and colleges. Almost any search marketing professional that you speak to will tell you they earned their degree at the school of experience.

The search marketing industry changes at such a fast pace that even if a university were to offer a degree in search marketing, the information they taught would be out of date before the graduate could even put it into practice. Thankfully, the Internet is full of Web sites, e-books and discussion boards that combined, can provide you with everything you ever wanted to know about marketing your Web site in the search engines. Thus, the best way to learn the art of search marketing is to sit back, grab yourself a very large cup of coffee, and dig into the net.

You won't want to start your education just anywhere though, there are just as many sites sharing outdated and dangerous information as there are sharing legitimate tried and true tips. To save you the trouble of trying to sort through the clutter, I've compiled a list of Web sites, discussion boards, newsletters, e-books and conferences that will work together to give you an excellent education in the art of search engine marketing.

Search Engine Marketing News Sites

This industry moves at lightening speed. Search engines make major updates to their algorithms, new tools come and go daily, relationships and syndication deals between engines are constantly being updated. Staying on top of who feeds data to who and what the next big engine might be is vital to any search marketing professional. Industry news sites help you stay on top of the news by keeping track of the most important stories and aggregating the must-read news for you.

Search Engine Guide - Obviously you'll want to start off at our very own Search Engine Guide site. Apart from original articles and news stories, you'll also find that we've taken the time to sort through the most relevant news stories from around the Web so that you can find everything you need to know from one source.

Search Engine Watch - Perhaps the most famous search marketing related site on the Web, Danny Sullivan, Chris Sherman and Gary Price operate one of the most comprehensive industry sites around. Apart from daily articles covering search engine news, you'll also find product reviews and how-to articles from some of the best and brightest in the industry.

Search Engine Lowdown - Andy Beal runs one of the best search marketing blogs on the Internet. You'll find breaking news, rumors and commentary on anything and everything worth knowing if you want to stay on top of the industry.*

Online marketing news

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